Capabilities: Interactive Light Show


Knowing the precise geolocation coordinates of each wireless LED pixel is essential for flawless and accurate image projections and animations. The gesture detection ability provided by the IrGPS engine unlocks a plethora of new interactive lighting effects and games. Effects are to be projected on the crowd with the aim of dynamic scene creation, advertising, promotion, and audience interaction.

The accuracy in position (down to the nearest square inch) is equally maintained in both indoor and outdoor environments. While the performance of standard GPS degrades in an indoor environment, Lumitic IrGPS continues to run with the highest level of accuracy.

With our fine pixel control, not only are you able to create light images from the audience, as a presenter you are able to project various light effects onto the audience from your arm. This will help extend your brand and the cool effects for the audience. Some examples: if you were Spiderman, a net could shoot from your wrist on stage out into the crowd, you could blow kisses out to fans, etc.

No other LED bracelet on the market can do this!